Why not?
I finally have a garden! The times are over (or not yet?) when in our house we could not walk nearby the windows because of the many houseplants… or when all our window sills were full of aromatic plants!
I finally have a garden! A place dedicated to the green world, where I can freely experiment… I even have a little bit too much space to experiment now!
What should I begin with? The world of plants is so wide that it can easily scare who is only at the beginning and never had more than a balcony before! The possible combinations are endless!
I have a front garden, south-east oriented, and a back garden, north-west oriented. I still don’t know how much sun I will have in the back garden, as it is enclosed by houses and wooden fences.
There is another complication: what a mess with all these languages! I have recently tried to explain to a Dutch what a snowdrop is, while I have always confused it with a Crocus! Let’s go back then to the old (and quite complex) Latin names!
In order to start, I needed some help and here are some books where I could find what I needed to begin this adventure :

Le Truffaut, garden encyclopedia.
Here you find everything, together with very nice (as well as essential!) pictures!
It has been very useful to recognize the plants already existing in my garden as well as to find out the best way to make a green, a flowerbed, how to plant new flowers, when etc.…
I would say that it is a kind of bible, which contains every kind of information but, unfortunately, does not help you with the choice of what, how, and where…

La Garzantina _ Fiori e Giardino.
Written by Ippolito Pizzetti, my teacher in landscape design at the University. He looked like an old tree, evocating wood and schors.
The book gathers, plants after plants, all the information you need: description, soil, exposition and cultivation. But this old fashion encyclopedia is an incredibly nice lecture thanks to all the wonderful stories about health proprieties and legends regarding plants and flowers.
Between a story and a technical explanation, peep out, more or less strong and clear, the author’s opinions, passionate and sarcastic…
Maybe you need time to go through all the pages, but it is a wonderful reading!

But what about how to choose which plant for where?
We need more literature and less technical books!
The very first help I got came from:

P.Pejrone _ Il vero giardiniere non si arrende e In giardino non si è mai soli
Two fundamental little books to stimulate ideas and help choosing the first plants to place in the garden.
In every chapter the author describes a plant; for every plant he tells a story, something specific like where it grows better, where it was going to die, why he loves it (or not) and so on…
Thanks to these short stories, it is easier for us to choose if we want to try to find a place, for the plant, in our garden.

I.Pizzetti _ Pollice verde
A gathering of articles about gardening, written from the author and organized in a similar way of the aforementioned two books. Very nice and useful, in the role of decision making supporter!

But I didn’t need only books!
The advices from Francoise has been precious and I often call her for an opinion before I start any kind of work in my garden, no matter if it is about planting or designing!
And talking with friends can be very useful too… and passionate!

Having said that, we just have to try...
And season after season, bring ourselves and our friends around in the small world of a garden in Ternatestraat…