Some reflections

Taking pictures became an important part of my life a few years ago, when I met Italy for the first time. I was extremely attracted by the beauty of this country, its cities and its land. The tonality and especially the depth of colors in Tuscany impressed me so much I felt the urge to start wandering with a camera.

Photography began for me as a way to record where and what I was living, but it soon evolved in a personal way to look at my surrounding. I forced myself to see what most of us just don't pay attention to. I started to go in my neighbourhood, or in the city where I happened to be and walk randomly, opening the eyes, paying attention to every detail I could see, every scene I could witness. And especially, trying to spot beauty and emotions that filter through the most usual situations.

Recently, it also became a way to express myself. The choice of subject, but also the choice of point of view, composition, and technical aspects strongly depend on how I feel and this feeling becomes sometimes a part of the photography. Expressing a clear emotion through a picture is not easy at all. I think in all the thousands of pictures I made so far I only succeeded twice.

I have been asked, a few times, to take pictures for important events in the life of very close friends. It was for me wonderful to take part in these events as a photograph and offer to these friends a souvenir of the emotions they lived in that day. In these events, as well as in my wanderings in general, I try to photograph the day as it comes, being as less invasive as possible. The wedding section of this webiste show mainly what naturally happened rather than forced situations.

Photographing events can be extremely rewarding. Weddings, communions or anniversaries are very special days, very dense and full of emotions. It is strongly stimulating to be part of it and to translate these emotions on photos. I am willing to go on taking these type of pictures, so if you are like the galleries and the approach presented here, please feel free to contact me at